Announcing a New DRI Istanbul Networking Opportunity

Attack on Schools in Yobe, Military-Private Partnership

Avoiding Fatal Mistakes in Business Continuity – The Middle East Perspective!


Business Continuity Amidst the Recent Middle East Turmoil

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Risk Reduction


DRI Education Serves Growing Middle East Market

DRI International’s Premier Forum in Abu Dhabi Was a Great Success!

DRI Istanbul to Hold Its First Conference! 

DRI President to Speak on UAE Crisis Management February 25th 

DRI’s Interview with Mohammed al Jenaibi


EXCHANGE by DRI Istanbul

External Agency Coordination Goes Viral: Time to Update Your BCM Plan


Important Resource for BCM in Turkey

Istanbul Business Continuity Forum


Nyanya Bomb Blast – Another Wake Up Call

New CBN Regulation on IT Standards

New THRIVE! Middle East Edition Out Now


The Outage and the Impact


Qatar’s November 17 BCM Forum Features DRI


Travel Management During Major Global Incidents


The Value of Certification

Vendor BCM Planning: Don’t Let Your Vendor’s Disaster Become Your Own!


The Xceed Experience: Implementing the Plan


4 Ways to Justify Conference Attendance

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