The Value of Certification

A DRI International certification is the most widely recognized and respected business continuity certification in the world. DRI only certifies professionals that have demonstrated both knowledge and experience in the business continuity and/or disaster recovery profession.  The following outlines some of the value in holding a DRI certification:

Value to your organization:

  • Prestige
  • Professional Development
  • Increased Skills
  • Independent Verification
  • Networking

Value to certified professionals:

  • Recognition
  • Demonstrable Knowledge
  • Higher Salaries
  • Marketability

For more information, please visit DRI Istanbul.

4 Ways to Justify Conference Attendance

In honor of the first Istanbul Business Continuity Forum, DRI Istanbul presents the following ideas to keep in mind while structuring a conference attendance request:

  1. Provide an accurate estimate of expenses you will occur, including all travel, dining and lodging expenses, and cost of materials or event tickets if applicable.
  2. Identify the specific sessions you plan to attend. Sketch out your itinerary and highlight how the information you acquire will benefit both you and the company.
  3. Offer to share the information with co-workers. Bring home your conference materials to let co-workers share in the conference content.
  4. Close the loop – create a trip report after the conference. Summarize key points of discovery brought out during the conference and point out how those relate to BC efforts in your organization.